Tomas Henkenhaf

President of Führen Holdings

Growing businesses and building brands in the heart of downtown Toronto. Vetted in implementing technical digital and physical strategies for corporate brands, and communicating these strategies efficiently throughout their platforms.
Unique skillset

Writing code for the next generation to experience

When developing frameworks and policies for a client, we are consistently planning for the future. These fundamental skills are required to ensure optimal business performance. For the last five years, I have been delivering modern code and software principles to enterprise-level clients in various industries.

What my daily routine looks like:

Executive Roles

President, Führen Holdings Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
November 2020 - Present

- Develop evolving investment thesis
- Build intellectual property portfolio
- Structure corporate governance between parent companies
- Designate corporate acquisitions and deal flow

Chief Marketing Officer, Yesterday Design Co.
Toronto, Ontario
August 2021 - Present

- Sales and growth corporate strategies
- UI/UX design
- SEO specialist
- Analytics
- R&D

Fashion & Music

Client Advisor, Holt Renfrew
Mississauga, Ontario
Oct 2017 - Nov 2019

- Build strong relationships with high value clients to create a personal shopping experience
- Stylist to high value clients and public figures
- Made to Measure suiting specialist
- Environmental corporate social responsibility @ Square One location

Artist Manager and Brand Strategy, Sound Beige
Toronto, Ontario
Feb 2016 - Present

- Develop all branding, web presence and SEO
- Coordinate content and schedule posts for all social
- Music artist and producer management
- Process and execute publishing for artist roster


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Visit Yesterday Design Co. and Lumens Dental Corp. website to view my most recent work. For the future, I plan on working with blockchain computing and technical developments on a public ledger.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

Professional strategy, efficient implementation

During my professional career, I have been involved in many Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. I have garnered extensive knowledge in modern environmental business practices.

Holt Renfrew

Sat on the CSR Board and was a key member in Square One environmental strategies which resulted in new hangers having 20% less plastic than previous hangers. New packaging for garment bags which kept the current design, while using less plastic. I was also responsible for monthly conference calls with Holt Renfrew CSR executives and planning the roll out of initiatives with H Project.

Body and Spirit Cannabis Corp.

Creating a CSR policy regarding environmental procedures in daily business operations. Developing recycling program for cannabis product packaging and waste.  Also, implementing recycled bags that are used for purchased product. (Same bag sustainability as Whole Foods bags)

Führen Holdings Inc.

Performing audits, through our subsidiaries, to increase our clients environmental awareness and translate the same message through their business values and social platforms.

Clients & partners

Official corporate projects

Over the past five years, I have had the pleasure to work with some amazing organizations.

Including international
At a corporate level
Client Satisfactory
Project quality, case studies, and review
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I am open to answering questions and comments regarding our holdings company and the work we do at Yesterday Design Co. For a quote on services, please contact a representative from Yesterday Design Co. directly.

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Tomas Henkenhaf
Führen Holdings Inc.
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